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Marley’s Greener Treats With Crickets INC.

Gourmet dog treats made with cricket powder

Marley’s Greener Treats came about because I wanted to make sure my dogs were getting the best treats and the only way was to make them myself with ingredients that I would consume.

Do you know what you’re feeding your dog? Truth is, dogs will be happy to eat whatever treat you choose to give them. Why not ensure that what you’re giving them is HEALTHY and NUTRITIOUS. A treat that does not contain nasty fillers or dyes. That is exactly what I wanted to do for Marley our Australian Shepherd, and her two best friends Philly and Molly. 

I decided to do some research and found an alternative source of protein, crickets. Not only are crickets healthy and nutritious, they are better for our environment. That’s when I found a source that sells cricket powder farmed right here in Canada. I knew that crickets would be the perfect ingredient for my treats. Our dogs LOVE these recipes, and I enjoy making them. So, in 2017, I decided to share them with you and your doggies and created Marley’s Greener Treats With Crickets!

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