Puppy School (10 days)

Ages 8 - 24 weeks

Our puppy school offers a solution for the busy owner who cares about their pup's socialization and continued growth. They have access to our daycare facility, where our knowledgeable staff will supervise their play with other puppies using positive reinforcement methods, work on their potty training routine, access to our fenced in backyard, and work with them on leash walks.   

Puppy School includes:

  • socialization
  • maintaining a routine
  • potty training
  • positive crate training
  • toy sharing
  • on leash work
  • teething
  • reading body language

Puppy School Package cost $250 ($25/day) +HST

To schedule your pup's first day please contact us by email at [email protected] or call 416 769-0861

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