Benny Bullys Benny Bully Nutrimix 200g
Benny Bullys Benny Bully Nutrimix 200g

Benny Bully Nutrimix 200g


Benny Bully's nutrimix comes with variety of veggies and fruit!

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Benny Bullys® NutriMix® is made from 100% PURE AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS. We choose government inspected and no offshore sources for health and safety. We start with pure beef liver and infuse our recipe of "back to basic" real food ingredients: Sweet Potato, Banana, Apple, and Pumpkin.


Rich in protein (but less than pure liver), rich in vitamins and nutrients, they make a healthy dog treat or training reward. Also can be used by adding to pet food, to enhance flavour.






• A formulated dog treat


• A blend of low glyciemic functional ingredients to boost immunity


• All natural ingredients


• Highly palatable


Beef Liver - Source of Iron, folic acid, vitamin A & B12


Sweet Potatoes- Nutrient Rich Carbs, Contains Beta Carotene, vitamin A & C, Fiber, Natural Sugars, Protein, Iron and Calcium. Rich in Complex Carbohydrates


Banana - Electrolytes. Used for stool control. Contains Vitamin B6, C and abundant source of Potassium


Apple - Dietary fibre.


Made from Orchard fresh, Cored Apples. Made fro Orchard Fresh Apples. High in Anti-Oxidant Compounds which may help reduce risk of cancer.


Pumpkin - Good Source of dietary fiber, low in fat. High in Nutrients, Vitamin A, Alpha and Beta Carotene


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