Puppy Essentials Class
(6 weeks)

Ages 8 - 16 weeks

Why are puppy classes important? 

  • Raise a fearless puppy
  • Develop their confidence
  • Build up their social skills
  • Feel safe when your puppy is out in public
  • Build a strong bond



This signature professional training program is ideal for new and experienced puppy owners. It’s meant to help new parents understand their puppies’ behaviour, teach them best practices around key topics such as biting, house training and walking in order to raise a fearless, friendly, confident and social dog.

Learning Objectives

  • Teaching your puppy how to be soft mouthed and not bite a person’s hand hard
  • Providing you with key knowledge on how to house train 
  • Teaching your puppy basic commands to start developing their confidence
  • Providing you with best practices around their nutritional needs and healthy foods
  • Desensitizing them to loud noises and scary objects to reduce fear and anxiety
  • Teaching you best practices on how to get your puppy to walk with you



Module 1 - Puppy Biting, Teething and House Training 


  • Educating puppy parents on common puppy biting behaviour
  • Teaching techniques and going through live exercises on how to get your puppy to be soft mouthed and avoid hard bites around a person’s hand 
  • Providing guidance on safe chew toys for this age
  • Helping puppy parents understand their puppy’s needs and what they can expect at this age
  • Discussing best practices around house training including how to set boundaries, how to crate train and how to set up your puppies’ schedule


Module 2 -  First Aid & Basic Commands

  • Discussing household safety and informing new puppy owners on how to tell if you’re puppy is in trouble
  • Going over best practices on what to do and how to react when your puppy is in trouble
  • Educating puppy parents on how to teach their puppy to read their verbal and body language so their puppy understands when they tell them basic commands
  • Providing best practices and guidance on how to teach these basic commands and going through live in-class exercises


Module 3 -  Nutrition, Health & Grooming 


  • Educating participants on what to feed their puppy and how 
  • Discussing healthy food versus food they may have come with and how to safely transition them onto healthy food 
  • Reviewing nutritional requirements for growing puppies
  • Demonstrating and doing in-class exercises that condition them to be handled for grooming including going over how to put a comb through their fur the proper way and desensitizing them at a young age 
  • Demonstrating how to safely pull the digits out on their toes to get them use to getting their nails trimmed and desensitizing them


Module 4 - Socializing and Spook Proofing


  • Providing best practices on how to spook proof your puppy to get them use to noises and desensitizing them to both noises and objects around them
  • Going through in-class exercises with real-life situations  
  • Teaching you how to give them positive reinforcement when they are nervous
  • Demonstrating and discussing how to reduce fear and anxiety in your puppy caused by loud noises and objects 


Module 5 -  Neighborhood Walking


  • Additional education on how to desensitize your puppy to loud noises
  • Providing best practices on how to get your puppy use to wearing a leash outside
  • Teaching techniques to encourage your puppy to walk with you when you take them out
  • Going through practical exercises and a neighborhood walk with guidance

Module 6 - How to Settle Your Puppy, Dealing with Jumping, Recap & Graduation


  • Providing you with best practices on how to get your puppy to settle down when they are rambunctious
  • Introducing steps and best practices on how to get your puppy to not jump up and going through in-class exercises that work through how to do this 
  • Conducting a recap of module 1-5
  • Graduation ceremony 


Class Structure


  • Play session and socialization (shy puppies go first) 
  • Knowledge transfer and live exercises
  • Question and answer period 


Program Cost


Regular In Person Cost - $279.99

(a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place in the class)



90 minutes per class

Upcoming Start Dates


Our Puppy Essentials classes start every 3 weeks.


Classes are available virtually, please inquire.

Contact us directly to find out when our next class starts and to get the admission process going.

(416) 769- 0861

[email protected]


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