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Our mission is to provide a safe place for dogs in Toronto and their people to grow happy and healthy in mind, body and play. As such, we pride ourselves in creating a happy, healthy, and stress-free grooming experience for your dog. 

From dog training grooms for young puppies, anxious dogs that have had bad grooming experiences, to senior dogs that also deserve more love, patience and empathy we take care of all fur babies no matter their age, size or fur.

We also offer special services like hand-stripping for terrier groups of dogs like Irish Terriers, Scotties, Westes, and more. We believe that all dogs deserve to look and feel their best, and we’re here to help them do that. 

From the beginning we offer a ‘puppies first haircut’ (most ideal for puppies from 8 - 16 weeks) where we don’t push or force a young puppy to get a full groom, but rather focus on getting them familiar with the grooming experience to ensure they don’t feel anxious or uneasy throughout their lifetime of getting groomed. 

For fearful and anxious dogs we focus on building them up through a similar process. We are force free and don’t believe in physically holding dogs down. We let dogs feel like they can walk around comfortably on a table. Part of how we build them up and create a pleasant experience for them is by having two groomers work on them at a time, with one giving praise and treats throughout the experience. We also have  them sit or stand on a 1-inch shock absorbent mat instead of a cold steel table during their groom. If a dog is not good at being groomed, we don’t restrain them, just simply put a cone on a dog to prevent us from being bitten.   

We have experience grooming senior dogs and understand their needs. We have compassion and patience to ensure their grooming experience is a pleasant one too.

We are a family owned business that takes pride in our work and focus on giving dogs the love they deserve by grooming one dog at a time, and giving them the undivided attention they deserve.

Meet our Groomer 

Adeline moved to Toronto permanently from Cork, Ireland this past summer.

She has 4 years of experience in pet grooming. She studied animal care back in Ireland, and has extensive knowledge of pet nutrition and animal behaviour.

She is a certified dog groomer from Kilroy’s College from Dublin, Ireland where she passed her last examination with distinction. She also completed dog nutrition training from the University of California, a Pet First Aid & CPR Certification from Barkleigh and received a Level 5 Certificate of animal care QQI.

She applies her knowledge and know-how in animal behaviour to understand when a dog is nervous, anxious or generally uneasy and uses the right techniques to create a calming and stress free grooming experience for your dog to truly make their grooming experience feel like a day at the spa.

Adeline specializes in a fluffy puppy, teddy bear cut, and goes above and goes beyond a basic shave.She is very skilled with hand scissors and blending which gives your dog that fluffy and cute teddy bear look. 

 She is a dog owner of a toy poodle named Archie that loves to play fetch, get treats and cuddle. 

Grooming Services

Full Groom
Bath, nail trim, sanitary trim, paw pad trim, bum trim, ear plucking and cleaning, blow-dry and a full hair cut.

Xtra Small - $85+ (under 20lbs)
Small -   $100+ (between 20 - 45lbs)
Medium - $140+ (45lbs - 60lbs)
Large - $160+  (60lbs - 75lbs)
X-Large - $200+ (Over 75 lbs)

Bath & Tidy
Bath, blow dry, face trim, sanitary trim, bum trim, paw pad trim, nail trim, ear cleaning, coat maintenance and brushing. 

Xtra Small - $70+ (under 20lbs)
Small - $80+ (between 20 - 45lbs)
Medium - $115+ (45lbs - 60lbs)
Large - $140+  (60lbs - 75lbs)
X-Large - $175+ (Over 75 lbs)

These are best for maintaining your dog between your full groom.

Bath & Deshedding Service (Ideal for Dogs with UnderCoats)
Bath with deshedding solutiona (shampoo/conditioner), deshedding using specific deshedding tools, nail trim, sanitary trim, paw pad trim, bum trim, ear plucking, and cleaning, and blow-dry.

Feather trimming with scissors can also be included in this service. 

Xtra Small - $45+ (under 20lbs)
Small - $60+ (between 20 - 45lbs)
Medium - $75+ (45lbs - 60lbs) 
Large - $120+  (60lbs - 75lbs)
X-Large - $160+ (Over 75 lbs)

These are best for Australian Shepherds, Pomeranians, French BullDogs, Huskies, flat haired retrievers, and others.  


A La Carte Services 

Small Animal Nail Trims (cats, birds, reptiles, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc) - $20
Nail Trims - $20
Paw Pad Trimming - $25
Paw Pad Trimming & Nail Trim - $35
Poodle Feet - $45
Face Trim - $30
Bum Trim - $20
Face, Feet & Bum Trim - $45 
Ear Plucking & Cleaning - $20
Ear Cleaning - $10 
Teeth Brushing - $15 
Anesthetic Free Dental Cleaning - $250+ 
Dematting - $25/15 minutes 

Book Your Groom

To book your dog's next groom, you can call us at (416) 769-0861 or email us at [email protected].

We offer grooming services Monday to Friday and select weekends by appointment only.

To be fair to other clients and our groomer, no shows and clients that cancel within 24hrs will lose their deposit.