We believe in a positive cage and kennel free environment.  All our daycare dogs have access to our fenced in back yard, a large open playroom filled with toys, and quiet rest zones with comfy beds and couches.

We take great care to make sure our dogs are safe and happy, and separate dogs based on size, maturity, excitement and age, switching up access to our different rooms so they all get a chance to play.

Included in the daycare rate is a long midday walk for all daycare dogs, either on leash, or to the off leash dog park with their friends.

To qualify for our Daycare all dogs must go through an assessment process. We take the safety of our dogs and our staff very seriously, and work one-on-one with all new dogs and their people to ensure their happy and safe integration into our facility and that you are kept updated every step of the way.



Single Full Day Daycare $40

10 Day Full Day Daycare Package $35/day


Single 1/2 Day Daycare $30

10 Day 1/2 Package $25/day


Please contact our shop with any questions or to schedule an assessment by email at [email protected] or call 416 769-0861

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