Canine Life Canine Life Muffins - 20 Pack
Canine Life Canine Life Muffins - 20 Pack

Canine Life Muffins - 20 Pack


Pre-made healthy muffins for your dog!

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Includes all ingredients baked, packaged and frozen for easy storage. This is the most convenient method. All you do is thaw, break the muffin up in your dogs dish and serve. You can also warm the muffins in a microwave before serving, 10 – 15 seconds on the HIGH setting.


Are you looking for:

  • A natural food alternative to commercial dog food?


  • A natural food alternative with the convenience of kibble?


  • A diet for your dog that you can make yourself, and know you are providing a completely balanced diet?


  • A raw diet for your dog that is completely balanced?


  • A diet that your dog will enjoy eating?


Does your dog suffer from:

  • IBD?


  • Diabetes?


  • High/low urinary pH levels?


  • Calcium oxalate or struvite crystals?


  • Kidney or liver related issues?


  • Pancreatitis?


  • Megaesophagus?


  • Food allergens?


  • Anal gland problems?


  • Cancer?


  • Gluten intolerance?


  • Picky eating?



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