Silver Paw - Easy Fit Neoprene Dog Boots XS (Red)

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Silver Paw Neoprene Dog Boots are all-season dog boots that keep your dog's paws safe from the terrain, de-icers or the cold. Made with neoprene these boots use elastic with velcro siding for an adjustable fit with a velcro strip to keep the boot secure. Along the top of the boot is reflective material to make your dog's presence visible in low light conditions. 

Silver Paw uses its breakthrough technology called SilverShield. Silvershield is a pet-safe coating that is both colourless, odourless and last over 100 washes. The coating is an antimicrobial agent that destroys bacteria that causes odour, mould and mildew. Neoprene Dog Boots are available in a pack of four boots and come in a variety of sizes; Please see the specifications tab for more information. 

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