WALTO WALTO Pretty in Pink Pawfait WALTO WALTO Pretty in Pink Pawfait
WALTO WALTO Pretty in Pink Pawfait WALTO WALTO Pretty in Pink Pawfait

WALTO Pretty in Pink Pawfait


Parfaits for dogs! Aka pawfaits!

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Did you know that our pawfaits are a perfect addition to your dog’s daily diet?


We start with a goat yogurt and kefir blend that’s full of probiotics - perfect for your dog’s digestion and gut health. Then we add in our signature fruit and veggie superfood purees; our new “Pretty in Pink” energy blend features strawberry, kiwi, coconut, and cranberries (which also have added benefits for skin, coat, anti-inflammation, and urinary tract health!). Lastly, we top everything off with our house made, fibre-packed “grrrnola” for a bonus textural crunch!


**Contains roughly 4-6 servings per 8 oz container; feed 1 heaping tablespoon per 10 lbs of weight


  • Can be served as a topper, meal mix-in, enrichment filler, or as is


  • No added salt, sugar, stabilizers, or thickeners - ever!



Pawfait: Goat milk yogurt and whole milk kefir
Puree: Whole strawberries, kiwis (flesh only), cranberries, young coconut flesh, water
Grrrnola: Rolled oats, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, dried cranberries, dried pumpkin, honey



Keep refrigerated and serve within 2-3 days for best freshness. If keeping longer, transfer to airtight container and freeze. Can also be transferred into molds and frozen for easier servings!


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